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A few weeks of preparation and planning

After the last few settled days we have found ourselves in the midst of a whirlwind of preparation and planning. As is often the case, we have been expecting some of it but some is new and rather unwelcome. There was some nice weather to begin with so we got out the mower and spent […]

It’s been one heck of an August

Firstly I offer you my deep and profound apologies for the late posting.  It’s just that we’ve had one heck of an August so far.  August has always been a bit of a problematic month for us in Ireland.  Regular readers may recall the plague of flies, repeated each year.  The heat and dust from […]

It always rains in Ireland

There is a popular misconception that it always rains in Ireland.  Certainly there are some months of the year when this seems to be true.  Days of overcast skies, drizzle or the occasional torrential downpour and endless mud can dampen the spirit.  However it may rain most days in Ireland but not everywhere.  An occasional […]