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Still juggling

My Achilles heel strikes again – issues with the time line. So many threads running through this new book and I’ve gone back to lay them out properly in a plan. This, of course, I should have done (and meant to do) right at the very start. Well, it’s fairly well sorted now and suddenly […]

That time of year again…

It’s the middle of February, unseasonally warm up here and I find myself back at my computer after I’ve already finished my words for the day, after all my research is done and printed, waiting for tomorrow – here I am. Suddenly the story grabs me and I can’t leave it. Not tonight, not just […]


The Carnival (always with a capital letter in Somerset) and squibbing are both major events in the town of Bridgwater and really do have to be seen to be believed. Anyone curious about squibbing might like to watch this video: for a taste of what it is like. The noise of the crowd and the […]

Moving on…

Poor old Alex is having a bit of a hard time…. Strange goings-on out on the Levels are unsettling her friends and clients and seem connected to new problems amongst the young men “with their hard eyes and crude letters tattooed on their knuckles, their suspicions and the scorn with which they treated this, their […]

News of the second book

The sequel to “Death of the Elver Man” is progressing nicely. Provisionally titled “The Drowners“, it takes up the story six weeks after the ending of “Death of the Elver Man”. Once more set in the unique landscape of the Somerset Levels and surrounding area, it features many familiar characters and a few new ones […]