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What goes around…

Listening to the budget yesterday, I was struck by how familiar much of it seemed. After a depressing hour or so I returned to “The Drowners“, and realized why this might be. The world around us is much closer to the decade of greed in the 80s than many would admit. The characters from “Death […]

A really good week

Yes, last week was remarkably good on the writing front. I discovered I had sold my first copies of “Death of the Elver Man” in the USA, on the Kindle platform. Then I was asked to speak at the Middlesbrough Literary Festival in June. Watch this space for details of date and time closer to […]

Time for some housekeeping

I’m getting to the end of my latest student group and it is time to peer with bleary eyes over the mounds of papers, course books and forms and wonder where my writing space has gone. I am horribly untidy unless I keep a very tight grip on things – possibly something to do with […]