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Look, it’s just a story…

Please enlighten me if this is commonplace but it seems a lot of people I know or have known in the past are convinced they can recognise themselves in my books. Now, like every writer, I tend to take a snippet of conversation, an overheard remark or an interesting personal foible and weave them in […]

A sideline

Sat up too late last night watching “Terminator 3”. Not the best of the franchise (though not as dire as “Terminator Salvation” – whew, what a turkey!) but still quite enjoyable. My guilty secret – I love the first two “Terminator” films, partly as the title character is so compelling. The role model (if it […]

Thoughts on a change of direction…

It is getting very cold up here, very fast. It’s also extremely wet and today, whilst out walking the dogs, I encountered a gruesome sight. The mutant slugs we have been warned about are here! Over 10cm long and oozing attitude, I watched one slime its way along the upper promenade leaving the dismembered corpses […]