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I received a compliment from a new reader last week. Well, I think it was a compliment, anyway. She came up to me in my favourite local cafe, stared hard and said, “I thought I knew you. I thought I knew what you were like.” There was a pause and she added, “Now every time […]

Look, it’s just a story…

Please enlighten me if this is commonplace but it seems a lot of people I know or have known in the past are convinced they can recognise themselves in my books. Now, like every writer, I tend to take a snippet of conversation, an overheard remark or an interesting personal foible and weave them in […]

A sideline

Sat up too late last night watching “Terminator 3”. Not the best of the franchise (though not as dire as “Terminator Salvation” – whew, what a turkey!) but still quite enjoyable. My guilty secret – I love the first two “Terminator” films, partly as the title character is so compelling. The role model (if it […]

Thoughts on a change of direction…

It is getting very cold up here, very fast. It’s also extremely wet and today, whilst out walking the dogs, I encountered a gruesome sight. The mutant slugs we have been warned about are here! Over 10cm long and oozing attitude, I watched one slime its way along the upper promenade leaving the dismembered corpses […]

“The Drowners” : 1st November

The next book in the Alex Hastings series is now scheduled for publication on November 1st 2012. It will be available in paperback and e-book format, from Amazon and other on-line sellers. I will post news of other sellers when I get some news but meanwhile, below is the write-up on the back cover to […]

And another thing…

Probably the most important thing I’ve learned this time round is how vital planning can be. I have the basic outline of each book in my head – what the crime is, who does it, how they get caught, but as the story progresses new characters and events appear and confuse the way. Towards the […]

Less is more – I think

So, what else have I learned this last year? It is interesting to note many serial works get bigger as they progress. I mean – just look at the first Harry Potter compared to the so-big-it needs-two-films finale. I too have produced a second book some 20% longer than the first volume. Now, this isn’t […]

Second book finished!

I’m happy to say the second Alex Hastings book is finished. Well, actually I’m overjoyed and rather relieved. I did not realise it could be harder to write a sequel – naive of me I know but I’d never done it before. The first problem concerned serial characters. Some readers will pick up “The Drowners” […]

Radio interview on Friday

Although I’m currently staying with friends in France, finishing off the second book, I will be talking on Radio Tyne Tees tomorrow (Friday 8th) at about 11.45am, thanks to the wonders of mobile communication. There will be a discussion inspired by Nick Clegg’s apparent desire to write a book and public comments are most welcome. […]

Middlesbrough Literary festival

Well, the reading at the University went well and it was lovely meeting up with some of my old friends from the MA course. My next appearance is on June 20th at the Central Library in Middlesbrough. I will be sharing the stage with two other crime writers from the north east, Valerie Laws and […]